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Now You Can Pre-Qualify Prospects, Save Endless Hours of Labor and Uncertainty, Turn Up Their Desire To Buy and Watch Your Sales Soar -- While Actually Doing A Lot LESS Work. PLUS... You Get 3 More “Quick-Fix” Solutions and One-On-One Coaching By Me -- FREE.


Dublin, February 28th 2013
RE: Mobile sites in 87 Seconds
From: Kevin O'Connor
Dear Friend,
Sick and tired of spending hours building prototypes and mock-ups for prospects?

If you’re like me then you too have "done your time" creating mock ups for mobile sites, SEO analysis reports or even mock-up websites in order to get your prospect excited about your services. Sometimes you sell them and sometimes all that time and effort amounts to a big fat ZERO.
It’s a crap shoot. You gamble your time hoping to win their business. In the process, you work your tail off scrambling to put a mobile site together. And you hope and pray your prospect buys.

But wouldn’t it be great if there was a way -- an automatic way to have the work DONE for you? A way to have these mobile mock-ups delivered to you in a timely manner and designed in a way that would impress the heck out of your prospect? Sounds like something only big corporate sales offices would have, right?

Well yes, but not anymore! Now there is...

“No Need To Waste Your Time. SIMPLY Plug into This New Breakthrough System That Makes Stunning Mobile Mock-Ups on 100% Autopilot – Saving You Countless Hours of Needless Labor, Anxiety and Uncertainty”

  • No More Wasted Hours Making Mock-ups For FREE. (With Offline Automation, you’ll get beautiful mobile mock-ups, custom-designed for your prospects and clients – delivered straight to your email inbox in 2 minutes or less!)

  • See Stunning Results in Seconds – Without Ever Worrying Again About Spending Your Valuable and Limited Time on a Prospect Who Never Buys. (Shocker! Most genuine prospects can’t resist placing an order once they see your instant mock-up, sending your sales conversions – and profit potential – through the roof!)

  • Works Anywhere in the World. (Don’t you hate it when you find something you want online only to discover it’s out of stock, the supplier won’t ship to your P.O. Box, or the service is unavailable in your country?  Well you can relax because Offline Automation’s Mobile Mock-Up Service works everywhere, 24/7 and there’s no limit – so you can create mock-ups for as many interested prospects as you can find!)

  • Works from any Web-Enabled Device Including Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops. (This means there’s absolutely no need to purchase any extra equipment – just use whatever you have. Plug into the profit-producing power of Offline Automation now and you could close your next prospect TODAY!)

  • No Technical Skills Required. (It just doesn’t get any easier than this! All you have to do is fill in a few brief details, click the submit button and in 2 minutes or less, you’ll have a knock-out mock-up of your prospects own web site – something they’ll instantly love, fuelling their desire to own it immediately – and giving you another easy sale!

This one tool alone can transform your business.
But I want to help make your offline marketing business as successful as can be. That’s why I’m also including a whole suite of quick and easy selling tools absolutely FREE. But that’s not all. You also get my personal time and business experience to help you grow FASTER and make more money.


I want you To Try Out the Mobile Mockup Service Before You Go Any Further! Simply Press The Button Above and Fill in the Three Fields!



Here is a sample site you would receive as a mockup!


Here Are Some of the Things My Customers Have been Saying About My Services








Let's talk about SEO for a minute. If you’re like me then you've SLAVED over SEO Analysis reports for prospects. 45 minutes, sometimes an hour and a half pass and you've eventually finished that epic SEO report you promised to that prospect. Then you wait.

And Wait.

You check your inbox for acknowledgement that they received it. No reply. You check your SENT folder to make sure you sent it and got their email address right. You re-read what you sent them. Then you give it 24 hours as surely there will be a reply to acknowledge the blood sweat and tears you poured into the SEO analysis of their website. But again, nothing.

So you pick up the phone. "Hi Mike, it's Kevin here. How's things? Did you get your SEO analysis I did for you?"

Then he replies. It's a reply you've heard before.

"Yep, thanks for that. I haven't had a chance to go over it yet. Give me a call in two weeks".

Or, worse still (and this one will make you want to reach your hand into the phone and SLAP him)

"Yep, thanks for that. I've forwarded it onto my web guy. I appreciate the report." Click.

Let me hear you say "WTF?"

We've all been there. You may still be "there". It's INFURIATING. The prospect leads you down a path of interest with promises of BIG THINGS... only to end up costing you TIME and MONEY that could have been better spent on another prospect.

But wouldn’t it be great if there was a way -- an automatic way to have these SEO analysis reports DONE for you? A way to have these pdf reports delivered to you in a timely manner and contain enough information in it to get your prospect interested? After all, who has the time to spend doing SEO analysis reports and then dealing with time wasters when you can get "almost instant" reports emailed to you on demand?


“STOP Waisting Your Time. SIMPLY Plug into This New Breakthrough System That Makes FAST, DETAILED SEO Analysis Reports on 100% Autopilot – Saving You Countless Hours of Needless Labor, Anxiety and Uncertainty”

  • No More Wasted Hours Analysing websites. (With Offline Automation, you’ll get a custom pdf for your prospects and clients – delivered straight to your email inbox in 2 minutes or less!)

  • Works Anywhere in the World. Just like the mobile mockups this too works anywhere!

  • Works from any Web-Enabled Device Including Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops. Just fill in the details and press submit!

  • No Technical Skills Required. If you can type in a few details like your name, telephone number, email and website then you're QUALIFIED!





Click on the Sample Report below to see it in full!


This tool works amazingly well at networking events. Picked up a business card? Simply put in the company URL and email it to yourself. In about a minute you will receive an SEO report. Open it and use that as a talking point with your prospect!



Let’s talk about SMS Campaigns! It was a huge deal about 18 months ago and many people are still selling SMS services each week.

Let Offline Automation make you an SMS campaign tailored specifically to your prospect (Canada, UK and USA only). I’ll bear the costs incurred in sending the SMS to you and your prospect. After all, I’d rather you be out there SELLING your services rather than worrying about setting them up and funding your account!

Tip: Having dinner at a restaurant? Picking the car up from the mechanic? Why not use these opportunities to demonstrate how an SMS campaign might work for their business?


This service couldn't be simpler to demonstrate to a prospect.

"Mr Prospect, take out your phone. Text the word "BUSINESSNAME" to xxx-xxx-xxx"

"WOW! This is GREAT! Ok, I want it. How much is it?"

You may not believe this but I create HUNDREDS of these SMS campaign mockups for people each month. My members simply have conversations similar to the one above, or in conjunction with Mobile, Rep Management and SEO they offer a package deal, piling on the value and demonstrating expertise!


“It's Time To Take Your Meeting To The Next NATURAL Stage, Offering SMS!”

  • Tailored SMS Campaigns JUST for your prospect. (With Offline Automation, you’ll get a custom SMS Campaign Mocked up for your prospects and clients – delivered straight to your email inbox in 2 minutes or less!)

  • NO COST TO YOU. (Don’t worry about the cost of the SMS messages. I'll personally take care of it. I'd rather you focus on selling the service and I'll look after the pennies).

  • Works from any Web-Enabled Device Including Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops. As long as you can send an SMS from your phone then the service will work for you!



You will receive an SMS opting you into an SMS campaign! (I will NOT use this campaign for any marketing. it will be deleted periodically).






Now, let’s talk about REPUTATION MANAGEMENT for a moment.

There seems to be a new course, ebook or video training out almost every other week, but nothing actually prepares you for demonstrating how the service actually works for a prospect! Don’t get me wrong, many of these courses are great, but nothing seems to show a prospect how much you care than a tailored mockup just for them.

I’d like to introduce you to my Reputation Management Portal Mock ups.

This is another automated service that will make Rep management mockup portals in seconds and have your client falling over themselves to know more about how this works!

Simply enter your prospect’s business name, a link to their trip advisor reviews page and an email address and press submit! You’ll receive mock ups just like the one below



Here's the LIVE mock up page of the portal above

(Hint: Press 4 or 5 stars to see it work with Trip Advisor)


I want you To Try Out the Reputation Management Mockup Service Before You Go Any Further! Simply Press The Button Above and Fill in the Three Fields!






Frequently Asked Questions



Let's cover some of the most important questions I get asked about the service.

  • Do I need Dudamobile? In short, No. You can use my platform in order to provide the mock ups. However, if your client wants the mobile site made in Dudamobile then you’ll need to pick up your own licence of Dudamobile.

  • I own Dudamobile. Can I use my own login details? Absolutely! Just be sure to add your login credentials on the form.


  • Can my business partner use my service plan? This is a single user only platform, meaning only you can access it.

  • How many mockups can I make? You can make as many as you like, there's no limit! The only stipulation is that the mockups are made for local businesses and not for marketing companies on behalf of their clients. You, as a marketing company can make them for your own clients and prospects as normal.

  • How long can I keep the mockup? We delete all mockups after 28 days. If you need it again just recreate it!

  • Can I automate this? You cannot use any bots or software tools that would otherwise be done by anything other than a human.





For a limited time ONLY, I'm including personal access to me to help you with your business.

  • You'll get my email address I usually respond to emails within a couple of hours or if I'm sleeping or in a meeting. Either way email works really well and I'm at hand if you need questions or advice about a specific area of your offline consultancy.

  • One hour of Skype Access Really? Need I say anymore? You're getting one-on-one access with me for an hour each month. This is worth at least €250 which is my hourly consulting rate.


  • Need accountability? I don't hold any punches, so if you want accountability and want me to be frank about it, I will. Some people love being held accountable. I personally like it, too. So if you want it, tell me!

  • My time is limited Obviously offering an hour of my time to each person will eventually fill up my time. Given that I have to run my business here in Ireland it makes my time even more scarce. As a consequence I'll be pulling this extremely limited bonus at any time!



100% No-Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 30 days! If after your 30 day period the service isn't helping you in any way then get in touch for a no-questions asked refund.

Ok, I want to get started!
Yes! Kevin, I want to start automating my business and I have read the terms of service
  • I understand I will receive INSTANT digital access to "Offline Automation".
  • I will also receive "Unlimited Access" to the "Facebook Group"
  • I will get access to all four automation tools
  • I can cancel at any time by simply cancelling my subscription in Paypal!
$47pm Only $37pm

Offline Automation

Don't Want SMS Campaigns Because you don't live in the USA, Canada or the UK? No Problem!

  • I want everything as above, but not the SMS mockups

$37pm Only $27pm

 Offline Automation No SMS

I Wish You Success,
Kevin O'Connor

PS Be sure to ACT FAST on this offer! This suite of tools CAN NOT stay at this price for much longer!

PPS Remember, for as long as I can accomodate new members there's only a certain number of hours in a day. When those slots are gone I MUST pull the bonus of One-on-One tim e with me. So, BE QUICK!